Hey family and friends,

Today was a pretty chill and relaxed day, starting with a smooth wake up and an amazing breakfast by the one and only Diego. After breakfast we decided to head to the mini-mart which is just a regular bodega but to us it was so much more than that. Finding snacks that we fell in love with, we decided to buy bulks of snacks in order to take them home for our loved ones to try and give them a little taste of Aquiares.

Once we came back home, hauling our huge bags filled with yummy treats and drinks, we decided a good swim would be necessary in order to cool off in the bright morning sun. After the pool tummies were rumbling, and of course the best chef Diego made us an amazing lunch which was mixed vegetables, some bomb mash potatoes and chicken breast. We devoured our plates and got seconds to devour even more. While we were letting our food digest, the beautiful sunny sky started to cloud up while we were also waiting for our guest speaker, Carla. We had previously met Carla while she showed us her cheese farm and she came back to speak to us about environmental conservation. During her presentation she talked to us about how important it is to learn about environmental conservation and how not only the world would benefit but also us as people. Once the rain started to calm down she had us participate in an activity involving animals where we tested our reaction times based on both our listening skills and group communication.


After finishing Carla┬┤s amazing presentation we had some downtime and decided again it was time for another swim in the pool. After jumping and playing pura vida (marco polo) we had dinner which was sooo delicious we obviously had to go back and get seconds. Once we were finished eating, we started writing letters to the people who contributed to help make it possible for us to come on this trip. We see you and we thank you tremendously !


Sasha & Kierra <3