Hey squad, from Margot & Genevieve!

Today is June 26th and we had a low-key day at the base house, not including a heated debate. To be continued…

We started off our day with breakfast at 8:30 am, which included potatoes, meat, bread, fruit, and orange juice. After we had our quick morning mental warm-up, we watched a documentary about tourism in Costa Rica and its impact on the surrounding environment.

For lunch, we had spaghetti with chicken alfredo sauce, garlic bread, and juice. Afterward, we had some free time where some chose between playing cards, basketball, or resting.

From 2-4 pm, we had a guest speaker, Andres “FoFo”, who educated us about sustainability and environmental justice. We learned how to be conscious travelers and support local businesses when traveling to another country, as we have been doing here in Costa Rica. We participated in a ‘civil’ debate where we were split up into three groups: A 5-star luxury hotel, the local community, and the government. As a group, we attempted to sway the government into either going forward with the construction or preserving the environment for the community. In the end, the government chose the local community. Hooray!

After the presentation, we all wrote letters of appreciation to partner organizations that have helped make Global Glimpse possible, including but not limited to: United Airlines and Away Travel (thanks for the dope suitcases!).

Before dinner, we played a group game of Mafia, a detective game where people are voted out of our fake town in hopes of finding whoever is the secret Mafia. Margot got voted out first, lol.

Dinner was some delicious perros calientes (hotdogs), with salad, potato chips, and, of course, juice. We are now moving on to our nightly meeting where we will pass the torch to Elena and Marilyn, tomorrow’s Líderes del Día.

We are really becoming more of a family and supporting each other daily as a group, making us dread departure day. However, we strive to keep in touch and hang out back in Chicago. We will take all of the valuable information we have learned today from Andres and move forward in being positive and impactful leaders in our local communities.

Margot and Genevieve 🤟

Margot: Hey fam squad, I miss you, I played Euchre today (and won!)

Genevieve: Hey Mom, Dad, Mary, & Anna! I miss you all. Anna, I hope you had fun in Italy. Mary, I can’t wait for you to move back home. Mom & Dad, I have chocolate for you…See you soon!

P.S. Hi Jude and Colton!!