(Emma)–¡Hola everybody! First things first, we woke up at 8 am in the morning, and I woke up the girls while Ryan woke up the boys. We got ready for breakfast, which was at 8:30. For breakfast, Ryan and I got special bunny pancakes (which Diego made), some scrambled eggs, fruits (watermelon and pineapple), and also apple and orange juice. After breakfast, we had Reflection time at 9.30 where we were split up into 3 different groups and had a discussion with our groups based on the questions given to us by Fabi. After the groups finished their discussions, each group was given a big piece of paper for each group to draw on their experiences of CAP. In my group (Emma) I drew evil ants, different vegetables we planted in the garden, grass, and dirt, and every person who was in my group. Some people also drew the tiles and cement we laid down a wheelbarrow, and the kids played soccer. In Ryan´s group, they drew shovels, the school courts, the flower beds, and also the ranch. They didn´t draw much because they were discussing the questions for the majority of the time. After each group finished their drawings, we got to present them to everyone. Then we watched a 30-minute documentary (The Goose with the Golden Eggs) which was about the effects of tourism in Costa Rica. We all took notes during the documentary and after we got some free time until lunch. Lunch was at 12pm and we had casado which included rice, beans, pork, salad, and a drink. After lunch, we had some more free time until the guest speaker arrived at 2. During the time between lunch and the guest speaker, I (Emma) had some struggles as LDD (Leader of the Day) and few people were late.



(Ryan)– When the leader FoFo was talking and explaining the project we worked in groups to handle each and every situation from the example he gave us: If we built a hotel how would the community react to it, and what decisions would the government make? Would they say to either build the hotel or not build the hotel? After that, we had free time most of the group played card games until dinner. When dinner started we all came to dinner early so we can go to the mini-mart and after dinner was over we did our nightly meeting and two other people took over for tomorrow so that was our day.

P.S.—(Emma) If you are my parents pleaseee leave me some comments por favor and also can you tell Aaron to leave one too. Also I miss you so muchh.

(Ryan) – If my parents see this message this is Ryan. I´ll see you on the other side. Over and out