Hello GG families!

It’s been just about 24 hours since you bid farewell to us all at SFO and after a long day of flying, busing, eating, getting to know each other, and making plans for how awesome the next two weeks are going to be, we’re all exhausted and ready for some 😴😴. But first, a quick hello from Lago Xolotlán! You can’t quite see them but with two volcanoes in the background, this was la vista del día.

It’s hotter than any of us coming from the temperate Bay Area could have prepared for but the showers are cool and refreshing and the food has been great so far. Our in-country Program Coordinators (Carrie, Camila, and the rest of the fabulous GG staff) have done an amazing job getting ready for all of the great things we’ll be doing, and we can’t wait to start exploring tomorrow!

We’ll be posting more photos and look forward to hearing from you in the comments section. Hope you don’t miss us too much! 😊

Big GG Love,

Sophie + Ryan