Hello Global Glimpsers and families! My name is Isabel Gomez and I am one of your Global Glimpse Leaders (GGLs). I am so excited to meet all of you and am looking forward to getting to know you and see you grow during the 14 days we have together!

I became a GGL because I have a tremendous love and passion for cultural adventures for the sole purpose of developing and broadening appreciation of various cultures. Traveling changes lives in so many positive ways. I have traveled extensively (40+ countries) and I hope continue to discovering this amazing place, call the world.  I see the world as a classroom, a place of opportunities, a place of nurture, a place of growth, a place of wellbeing…I can’t wait to learn a new story, a story of music, food, rituals, laughter, and culture.

Things I love:

  • Coffee
  • Cooking
  • nature
  • All kinds of music, and currently, Christian Nodal
  • SF Giants & Warriors, but Im in love with Tom Brady (platonic, of course)

Some recommendations & tips (as you prepare for your trip):

  1. Passport (make sure you have your passport ready and not expired).
  2. Study & practice your Spanish.
  3. Read about our destination to learn about the culture, people, weather, etc (this helps familiarize yourself with our destination).
  4. Get excited!!!!!

Hasta pronto!!!