DSC02715What a great day full of Nicaraguan culture.  We were able to visit a Museum of Myths and Legends and an artist co-op that provides affordable art classes for the community. Here we had the opportunity to do a traditional art installation – a sawdust rug! We learned how to dye the sawdust and used our creative powers to work together to create beautiful images and pictures (see attached picture for a small portion of what we did). The tradition is also that the person who creates this, usually under the heat of the sun and taking 5+ hours, also gets to destroy it after, knowing all along that what they are creating will be destroyed but doing it anyway for the beauty and experience of it.  We didn´t know that(!) but we still had fun destroying it. We finished the night with salsa lessons, where even the most uncoordinated of us learned to let loose and shake our hips a little. Another full day of immersion, reflection and learning!

Leon, June 25