We finally had eggs this morning.  The day began with exploring San\ Juan with our trip leaders and ambassadors. We first took a trip to a supermercado, finally being able to get our hands on Dominican goodies and missed American drinks. Although we got lost, we finally found our way back to Hotel Onaney. Our second trip was to the internet café, where we got our hands on some wifi and emailed our loved ones. Afterwards we had our first attempt at trying to find the plaza, but unfortunately we couldn’t seem to find our way. During break, many got some well deserved down time where we could finally get to know each other in a deeper way.  We bonded while playing card games and listening to music.

During lunch, we ate some delicious fried chicken and made our way to tour the city with our ambassadors. The view on the very top of the cathedral was beautiful, but some of us were more afraid of heights than we thought. We were grateful to see every peek of the city after buying some souvenirs.

We made our way to English tutoring. Some of our students left us with gifts, but all of them left us with laughter and good memories. We look forward to learning Spanish as our students learn English. Many of us got more motivated to plan our lessons more thoroughly. We were pushed outside of our comfort zones and show our true selves. We love working with our students who are of all ages and look forward to teaching them throughout our time here. After a long day teaching, we came home to a nice warm dinner and warmth from Casa Onaney. Then we had our nightly meeting where we shared our opinions on the day and what we believe is the best way to explore the city. We’re grateful for all we have here and look forward to telling you all about it.

With love,

Isis and Mimi

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