Hola Familia! It’s Karryssa and Emiezo writing to you, from San Juan!

Starting day 5 as a free day, we Global Glimpsers were able to make our own schedules for the day. A group of us Glimpsers enjoyed the day out exploring the Cathedral, supermarket and  ice cream shops along with smoothies. On the other hand some of us spent the day indoors getting to know one another while coloring and playing games. Towards the end of the day we went back to the local high school that we went to yesterday to tutor the adults, teens and young kids.

This morning after breakfast, we came back to the hotel starting our free time off with phone calls home to let everyone know that we are still safe, having fun and enjoying time with our new friends. After a few hours of letting everyone call home, we began to part ways with the Youth Ambassadors of San Juan, who then showed us some of their favorite places in the city. From getting stuck in the Cathedral for half an hour, to furthering bonds that will last forever, our first free day of the trip was a complete success. We all can’t wait until our second free day.

Teaching in the schools today was an adventure as well as a learning experience. Today’s classes ran a lot smoother as we divided into classrooms. We were all able to get to know our students better  as well as further their English skills. We put the chalkboards and whiteboards to use as well as all the other supplies available to make our lessons more effective and fun as possible. As you enter the different classrooms ranging from beginners to advanced English speakers, you can notice different methods of teaching. Glimpsers were able to notice the small things such as students learning how to hit on each other in English and sing Lady Gaga lyrics. As teachers, we got a lot closer to our students academically as well as on a personal level. Overall it was a great day with new lessons learned, new friends made and new places discovered.

To Emiezo’s family, this trip is amazing. Thanks for making it possible and I love you all.

To Karryssa’s family, I love and miss you all so very much, I can’t wait to see you all next week even if it’s for a short amount of time. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to say Happy Birthday dad! I didn’t know the date yesterday, and once I did, the internet wouldn’t come on. Hope you all are doing well! Hugs and kisses. And Happy Birthday!