Hi viewers, my name is Nayirah.

Today we went to the canyon and started out on a small hike. As we got deeper into the canyon we could no longer walk and had to start swimming into the rivers. While there, we experienced a beautiful view and a calm serene place to relax. There was also a lot of nature around like rocks and aloe, which is good for the skin. After a challenging yet fantastic time swimming with our peers and advisors, we returned to our hike on land, which led us to a boat that delivered us to safe grounds. After our trip to the canyons we drove to an amazing restaurant that served us rice and beans, chicken, beef, plantains, and fried potatoes. Overall, this experience helped me gain new friends and also helped many people overcome their fears of heights and water. Jumping from cliffs into the water and having the experience of seeing professionals swim and jump off high levels of rocks gave us courage and hope to continue. With the loving help of two wonderful firefighters we were all safe and sound by the end. This gave us students the chance to embrace the water and learn to swim. Over the past couple of days we have grown to get to know each other more and have really grown to love each other and share this beautiful experience and country together. One thing I would bring back to the US is to be more thankful for the people and the things that I already have in my life. For an example, my education is really important to me because I was always taught that education is the key and it’s a way out to a better way of life. The experiences and conversations that our fun day inspired will be with me for the rest of my life.