DSC_0853Hybrids of cultures, identities, beliefs and values is exactly what we all are. Everything started by waking up to a beautiful sunny morning! We had a scrumptious breakfast prepared by the staff of La Primavera which consisted of delicious pancakes and scrambled eggs. Which then proceeded to walking about 30 minutes to an internet café so we could all talk to our loved ones. It was definitely a bitter sweet moment, tears and smiles were present all around. It was in that moment in which we realized truly how much we missed all our families yet at the same time how fortunate we were to be surrounded by such unique people that were growing to be a second family. It’s not everyday you meet people who reveal themselves to you in ways that you never thought were possible. Never have I met people who were so inclusive and genuinely cared for every ones  well  being.



Being El Lider Del Dia definitely showed me how to view everything from a different window. Watching the amazement in everyone’s eyes as we walked through the city of Riobamba and purchasing different cultural clothing was something truly special. It gave me an opportunity to really put myself in my leader shoes. While it was stressful it was also something so unique, to see everyone grow before your eyes is something so beautiful that you could only know by being  leader. Not only are we growing as leaders but as people. We are shown how to organize ourselves and work together by tutoring English. We are all figuring out that while our first English  lesson might not have been what we expected the third time is definitely a charm. I had some time to see the bonds everyone is making through a game of Frisbee that is something so simple yet has become a tradition that causes so much joy and happiness. Today I learned that being a leader is definitely not easy but then again nothing that is worth it ever is. It was definitely a challenge but I would gladly do it all over again and I don’t think I would change anything because I learned a lot from it.