Today was our last full day within the Dominican Republic. After waking up we all went to breakfast for another tasty meal but outside taking in a breathtaking view of the mountainside while eating a bite of lucky charms and fruit. After breakfast we moved into a closing activity to reflect over our two week stay together. As a group we thought about what we will take back with us home to our schools and communities.

After some deep reflections we made our way to Altocerro, the resort/restaurant that had been providing amazing meals for us, to have a very fancy yet tasty BBQ lunch. The lunch consisted of quinoa, strawberry salad, corn on the cob, grilled chicken, grilled sausage and baked potatoes. YUM! The estate was beautiful with horseback riding, zip lining, and a wonderfully large field where we played soccer, and a bit of baseball. After our wonderful lunch and playtime we headed to the school we had been tutoring at for the last two weeks to give our final lessons and answer any lasting questions for our students before they get to meet their new teachers on the 31st. 

Once class let out we made our way back to the hotel for some very touching goodbyes from our ambassadors along with a photo with our beloved bus driver Bryan. During the goodbyes many of us reflected over the amazing time we had not only with the ambassadors but all the people we´ve met. Although there were lots of tears everyone left feeling happy with all the memories that were made. As a group we are happy to have made so many friends but we can´t wait to be home with our families as well.