Our second, (and last) free day was filled with laughter, learning, and most importantly, ice cream. We went into San Cristobal looking for the materials for our Community Action Project, a.k.a. CAP. We woke up at seven and at eight moved on to eating breakfast. After that the group started the appreciation letters for the people whose hard work and/or donations made this wonderful trip possible for us. Personally, writing this letter was surprisingly powerful. Having to remember and write down everything we had done and to specifically detail why it was important made the trip, and how it has changed me and everyone else, more real. Writing the letter also made me realize how much work had gone into allowing us to go to San Cristobal, and if it weren’t for people who cared so much, opportunities like this would only reach those who can afford it.

After finishing our rough drafts, we got to enjoy free time at CONAMUCA. Glimpsers had the opportunity to clean their laundry by hand or to enjoy some hard earned relaxation. Almost everyone got to make a two minute or under call home, except for a few Glimpsers who will get the chance to sometime tomorrow. At one, we had a lunch that everyone scarfed down in order to make sure they were ready for the most important and exciting part of the day, going to San Cristobal!

As El Lider Del Dia, I was definitely prepped on how important safety was in the city. Although getting our CAP materials was really important, it was clear that safety was our number one priority. I was surprised at how scary the traffic can be in the cities! Motorcyclists were constantly speeding through the streets and they didn’t want to stop for anybody. Luckily we had our brave GG leaders and Youth Ambassadors to help direct and guide us through traffic, and everyone was 100% okay and safe!

When we arrived at San Cristobal, the Glimpsers divided into the three CAP groups to get supplies. The groups being the mural group, the brochure group, and the event group. Our decided meeting spot was the delicious bakery Delidalia’s and we went our separate ways. Originally, the brochure and event groups went to a print shop together while the mural group went to a hardware shop to buy paints. Soon enough we were all meeting up again at Delidalia’s and the event group still needed to buy some more supplies. They went over to La Sirena and rushed to buy snacks, basketballs, a truly ridiculous amount of cookies, and milkshakes. Meanwhile the mural group stayed back and met, to their surprise, American Tourists! I heard they were very friendly and considerate, as well as interesting. My only real complaint of the day was that I didn’t have the chance to meet them!

Afterwards we went home and planned our Community Action Project a little more before eating dinner, which was delicious as always. I was beyond proud of everyone for staying focused and putting the supplies as their first priority instead of having fun, (which we had plenty of anyway) and I found everyone’s determination and passion about the project amazed me.

I think overall what we all learned was what we were capable of. When we focus and work together we can get so much done in such a small amount of time. I can’t pinpoint a single most inspiring person, because my entire group inspired me to be more than I am and a more confident and capable leader. Being El Lider Del Dia was challenging to say the least. I was constantly worried if people were drinking enough water, whether the group was together, how much money we were spending, and time. I will admit I let the stress get to me a little and I think that’s what I learned about myself. I really need to improve on keeping my head—worrying doesn’t do anything! Luckily I had a wonderful and supportive group, and the day was both fun and productive! I’m beyond proud and infinitely grateful that these were the people I got the chance to live with and lead. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!