Hello everyone, hope you’re having an amazing friday!

Its the double AA take over! (AKA, Andrea and Alex)

So to start our final day of CAP we woke up at 6:00 AM and ate breakfast at 7:00 AM. Our amazing cooks, Diego and Amelia, made a yummy breakfast that consisted of banana pancakes with scrambled eggs and different assortments of fruit. We then had our mental warmup right after breakfast at the dining tables. Today’s inspirational quote was, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi). As young teenagers we can’t just assume change will occur over time, rather, we should be the ones who determine the change. In other words, we can create change if we are motivated enough to do so.

Today’s Question of the Day was, “What have you learned from your time here? Think back to your last free day and think about how you’ve changed since then.” We both believe that we have been more active and engaged in the nature of the community and the group as a whole.

At 7:40ish, we started walking to Santa Rosa’s school, the kids were about to start their recess, so we joined in on the fun. After the ten mintue break with the students, we started work.

We can both proudly say we 100% completed the Community Action Project. The group worked super hard today to finish all the tasks that were started by the former Glimpse groups.

For instance, the group outdoors painted rocks and tires for the garden area. Another group by the entrance was gardening and cleaning up the front of the school.

The floor team accomplished their task by painting the entire floor green and the design team created these amazing, creative games on the floor of the school.


We took a small break around 12:00 pm to eat arroz con pollo y ensalada (rice with chicken and salad). The school was also kind enough to make us a delicious dessert–copos–which consisted of shaved ice with layers of condensed milk, powdered milk, and a flavor only available in Costa Rica: kolita syrup. It was SO yummy!

Finishing the project was a bittersweet moment for the entire group, The school truly looks incredible and we are all so proud of each others’ hard work and determination.


After finishing the CAP project, we headed on home to chill a bit until dinner. Once again, Diego and Emilia made us irresistible food. We had rice with chicken and beans con ensalada.

After our dinner, we wrapped up the day with the nightly meeting and reflected on our thoughts and feelings regarding the CAP. We shared our roses and thorns as well as our big love to the group.

Finally, we got the honor of passing the torch to Kira and Sabrina.

Signing off,

The double AA’s; Andrea and Alex!