Today was such an exciting day for me as Leader of the Day, but also very exhausting because of the fact it was the very LAST day to finish up the project – second coats of paint in the nursing room’s walls and ceiling, touch ups in the science room, painting the mural, repolishing the wood, and cleaning the floors.  And as you can clearly see, we still had lots of work to do in less than 6 hours. So as Leader of the Day, I had to encourage my team members to work and push extra harder this day, which was slightly difficult because I’m working with TEENAGERS, and you know teenagers…

But in the end, we finished strong with quality results, despite the temporary sluggishness and miscommunication in between. I am very proud of us for being able to accomplish everything within 6 hours.

It’s truly so crazy and dream-like that we transformed the science and nursing room to classrooms for students to physically be in a better learning environment, and that our CAP will be sustainable for the rest of UNAN’s presence. It’s also great how Professor Francisco gave our Global Glimpse delegation the opportunity to leave a memorable piece of us at their school (the mural). This is going to be a project that I will never forget. The paint that was so hard to remove off our skins, the paint in our hair, suffocation in the toxic smells (don’t worry, we are safe), using our arm muscles to roll the paint on the walls, and scrubbing the floors- it was ALL WORTH IT.

Also, a very big shout out to the dedicated UNAN students for helping us accomplish our project. Without them, this project wouldn’t be as successful, so I am very grateful for their hard work and presence.

BTW, happy birthday to my little brother if he’s reading this!!! <3 

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