Hello Families!

This is Amanda and Hardy.Today was our Final CAP (Community Action Project) Day. We woke everyone up at the usual time of 7 am. We ate cereal and fruits for breakfast, then we headed out to Barro de las Flores where we continued out project. We started with mixing and creating the cement mixture to be used in finishing the final steps of our stairway! Some of us had fun with the children of the community as well! It was a lively sight! After around 3 hours of working, we officially ended the CAP project with a beautiful closing ceremony with the community members. We exchanged messages of gratitude and cut the ribbon to reveal the newly finished stairway! It brought peace and smiles to many. Not long after that we said our goodbyes and left feeling accomplished and with high energy as we arrived back home to Hotel Dilenia. We arrived to a chicken paella with a side of salad for lunch. Then, we had a CAP self-reflection and wrote our letters of appreciation. Afterwards, we took a well-deserved break where some of us went to eat good at A Punto de Nieve (desert place) while the others chilled at the accommodation until dinner. For dinner, we had pasta and salad, then we headed to our nightly meeting where we basically wrapped the day up and introduced our LDDs (leaders of the day) for tomorrow, Eli and Jessica! 

That was a quick recap of what happened today in the Dominican Republic, I hope you all are doing well in the states and we will see you guys again soon.

Much love,

~Amanda and Hardy


Hiiii! I miss you guys so much and I cant wait to see you guys Sunday and tell you about the trip! Say hi to everyone, love you guyssssss 🙂 -Amanda