Today we finished our Community Action Project. We all woke up early and had breakfast, then walked over to Comedor Emanuel. Once we got to the comedor we all picked  up where we left off and worked really hard to finish up what we started. Everyone worked together as a team and got everything done on time.

All the tables and chairs were made and sanded down. We even had some left over paint to add color to them. The mural was finished and all the colors of the rainbow were painted. We also added some clouds. The sign was made and painted as well. At the end of the day we were all tired but seeing the final work and change we’ve done made it all worth it.


IMG_0807[1] IMG_0822[1] IMG_0813   IMG_4240 IMG_4247IMG_0835

After finishing our project, Adriana had some cake and drinks for everyone and thanked us for our hard work. We all took pictures and said our goodbyes. We then headed to dinner and went back to the hostel.

It was a remarkable day. An opportunity to support and help out a community in need. And an experience I’m sure we’re all very proud of and won’t forget! 🙂