Hello GG families,

Today was our final day of our two week long journey. We started our day with a breakfast of eggs, toast and some hot chocolate. Soon after, we got right into our very last meeting. During the meeting, we shed some tears as we shared our last words of appreciation to one another. Then, we had our last lunch at Dilenia’s. We had some beans, chicken with vegetables, rice, and salad. Then, we had some free time to go to our favorite stores and pick up some last minute snacks and souvenirs. Suddenly, a rain and thunderstorm struck us. Luckily we had made it back to our hotel and were safe and dry. We watched the rain in awe and the lights went out. Later, we took a walk to Moncarlos Pizzeria for our final diner. We were served a lot of pizza, and when we finished we began to dance. After our dance party, we walked back to Dilenia’s where we held a surprise party for our amazing Global Glimpse Leader, Britney! At the end of the night we continued to dance the night away together.

-Jessica and Eli