We missed Isaiah tonight. He and I were going to be great leaders today, but he had to leave the trip early, and it was a shame and painful to see him leave. Some of the students stayed in the accommodation to say our goodbyes to our good friend.

At lunch, we were blessed with good food and after that, we as a group did a final reflection and a Big Love shoutout to everyone we appreciate. We did activities where students wrote what habits they want to Start or Continue, and what traits they want to Stop, which was a lot of fun and interesting to see how much that we learned from this trip.

After that, we got dressed up and went to dinner at a pizza restaurant and had a really good time. We were all thankful for our last meeting and we all shared our final memories with each other. Anyways- big love to the people on this trip and big love to my man Isaiah; he would’ve made these final moments more impactful.

In conclusion, love to all!