Hey all, today is our last day in Nicaragua and everyone has strongly mixed feelings. While were all ecstatic to go home, see our families and friends, and resume our lives in America, we’re also extremely disappointed to leave Nicaragua. The beautiful city of León, our Global Glimpse leaders and coordinators, and especially all the wonderful friends we’ve made here will remain in our minds for a long time. Moreover, all the memories we’ve made here will be with us forever. It may sound cliché, but we truly are a family here and it’s hard to imagine not spending every waking moment with the people here. But I digress, today is the day that we are flying home which means a hectic schedule and the need for extreme organization. We all did our packing last night and we’ll leave for the airport today a bit before 9:00. We’re planning to stop and do some shopping at a mall type place on the way to Managua and then eat lunch at the first place we ate when we came here, which makes for a nice circular ending to our trip. We’re arriving at the airport at around 3:00 and then taking flight number 397 to San Salvador at 5:30 with an ETA of 6:20. we’ll then change planes and take flight 560 from San Salvador to SFO arriving at 12:12 am, just after midnight. This trip has been so amazing in so many ways. Everyone has had so many life-changing experiences, made great friends, and will live a better life in the States because of this trip. It has been so moving and impactive and has been both the hardest, and the best thing I’ve ever done, and I know that everyone agrees with that.