As bittersweet as today was, I think that we as a group had a great final day.

We woke up in the morning, and got to have breakfast in pajamas. That was new for us because we are always so used to having to be fully ready for the wonders of the day in the morning. Shortly after breakfast we had our final reflection. We sat as a group and did a collection of big loves, surveys about our experience, some share outs (what we will stop, continue, and start once we get home), as well as our highlights throughout our two weeks here.

After our final reflection, we were able to go outside the hotel for some souvenir shopping. We almost got stopped by the rain, but after a delay in which we went to the park and saw our friend Max the dog, we finally got to the shop. Everyone had fun buying their last little tokens in the form of bracelets, and getting the last of our snacks from the grocery store.

After getting back to our hotel, we had free time in which we got to pack and spend some time together. Shout- out to Elena, Aylin, Alyra, and Anahi who spent some time with a friend they made in our hotel. Packing up our stuff was difficult, since it finally felt real that we are leaving in less than 24 hours.

As a final moment between the 15 of us + our 4 amazing adult leaders/coordinators, we all got to dress up really nice, and go out to eat for the last time this trip. To feel a little closer to come, we got to all eat pizza. And soon enough we were able to go off schedule and off the itinerary and spend at least an hour just dancing to Spanish music together. It was a very beautiful moment because it truly felt like a last goodbye between us, and the tie to our friendship that we were so lucky to make with each other on the trip.


Now, as we both write this, the rest of the group is having a small little movie night in our community room at the hotel. So that being said, we’re going to post our last blog of the summer… And spend the rest of the night with our friends.

On behalf of the group we have here, to our families, we are SO excited to see you all tomorrow.

This was a summer to never forget. Thank you GG for changing our lives.

Goodnight :))

Joselyn & Jo <33