Our day began with a wake up call at 7:00am. We had a lovely pancake breakfast waiting for us at the comedor. The pancakes were delicious and they reminded everyone of home. After breakfast, we wrote letters of appreciation to the people who supported and donated to the Global Glimpse Foundation. Everybody wrote their letters from their amazing experiences that they had here in Nicaragua. After writing the letters, we had another lovely meal at our wonderful comedor. Then, we had a closing trip reflection seminar. We shared our big love to each and every person in the group. To end the glorious day, we walked down to a restaurant and had our last meal. Then we danced the night away under a colorful disco ball. Everyone had so much fun and we will all miss each other. This trip has been truly amazing and we can’t thank our family, friends, and leaders enough. Thank you for your support!

“This trip will always be in my heart. I met so many new people. This was truly life changing.” -Angeles

“A truly life changing experience.” -Kseniya

“I don’t think that any other experiences will be as good as this one” -Carlos

“Nicaragua gave me the opportunity to learn, love, and discover. It offered me a new, improved place in this dynamic world. An experience I may only dream to receive again.” -Shelby

“This trip was a life changing experience and made me value and appreciate everything I have” -Brenda

“This was a great opportunity that cannot be missed! I cannot stress how much FUN I had, but I have got closer to me peers from school that I did not really know there was so much to do and see.” -Christy

“I’ve gotten a look at lives beyond my own, something invaluable. This trip was an incredible experience. I wish that everyone who undervalues life could have it too.” -Ashton

“This trip has cracked my world open. It has given me a thirst for learning of all the beauty and richness in other cultures, a passion for helping others to the absolute best of my abilities, and a deep sense of gratitude for everything in my life.” -Alya

“Nicaragua is such an incredible place rich in culture and beauty. I can only wish to have this type of experience again.” -Becky

“I can’t believe that it’s actually been 3 weeks. Global Glimpse has been such an amazing experience and if anyone were to ask me if I would change anything about this trip I would say ‘no gracias’.” -Lana

“This trip has completely and utterly exceeded my expectations. I have learned so many lessons and met so many people I will never forget.” -Nia

The Twelve Seeds of Granada (sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas)

1. Alya talking about pee

2. Carlos “no gracias”

3. Lana singing One Direction

4. Becky and her hammer

5. Angeles teaching speed dating

6. Christy being caring

7. Brenda and Shakira

8. Marijke being considerate of the group

9. Shelby’s little smile

10. Ashton and her beautiful drawings

11. Kseniya taking polaroids (of Miguel)

12. Nia is my life

– Sarah

Here is the flight information:

We will depart from Managua at 7:10am and arrive in Houston at 11:31am. Flight number: United Airlines 1423

Then we will depart from Houston at 4:20pm and arrive in San Francisco at 6:27pm. Flight number: United Airlines 1257

Please pick up students 30 minutes after their flight arrives.