Hello from Leon 2, this is our final full day here. It has been a long journey, but very powerful and meaningful experience. Today we started off with breakfast at Imabite, which was a typical Nicaraguan breakfast.  Before our seminar we did an energizer called the coin game. Then, we had our last seminar which was a final reflection seminar. Everyone sat in a circle and passed a piece of paper with each person’s name and each wrote Big Loves for everyone.We all shared Big Loves with each other and some of us cried. We also thought about all the things we’ve done on this trip and reflected on ourselves. Everyone drew pictures to show each significant thing we did and shared it to each other. Then we went to Imabite to eat a buffet style lunch. We walked back to the hostel after lunch and we had 3 hours of free time. During that free time most of us bought a ton of souvenirs to bring back home to family and friends. We also got some delicious smoothies at Jugoso after shopping and came back home to go to dinner. At our last dinner in Nicaragua we had a traditional dish called nacatamale that consisted of maiz, rice, meat, and chiles. Then we went to our last English tutoring class to see all the students one last time. The students surprised with a party and we took lots of pictures with the students and the game we played. After the party we all shared our social media info to keep in touch with the students and it really feels like we’ve bonded with the students. We walked back to the hostel from tutoring and we held our final nightly meeting, where we shared more Big Loves and the final unity clap. Now everyone is getting ready to sleep here for the last time and head back to America. See everyone back in America!