Hey guys,

We know you are excited for our return tomorrow! Today, we reflected on our trip overall. We traveled all the way to the top of the mountain and did a self reflection with our peers. First, we debriefed on our CAP project and identified personal highlights. Most of us were worried that we weren’t going to finish, but we were successful and our murals came out beautifully. Our next activity included drawing a reflection map starting from the time of our acceptance to the program until today. This part really made me realize how much I learned about Matagalpa, its culture, and its history. We went back to the hostel and shared Big Love with our peers. Big Love is giving appreciation to one of our peers for something they did. Then we had free time. Some of the students we out for the last time in Matagalpa. This trip has taught me that materialistic things are not a necessity. This has been a great eye opener for the students. We know you miss us and we miss you too. Parents make sure you are at the airport on time approximately 12:15 AM for the students that are returning to Chicago. BRING FOOD!!!!!!!!😝😝😝😝

See you guys soon!