Hello, everyone! This is the finale of the JA1B saga. 😔 😭 We are Kitty and Aaron writing about our final day reflecting together.

We woke up at 7:00 AM and had breakfast at 8:00 AM. Then, we brainstormed our chant for the role call and we were about to commit to the McDonalds’ jingle. At the last second, we decided to switch to the “Mr. Pizza. MmMmMm~~~” chant instead because why not?? (inside joke.) Then, we had a three hour program seminar reflecting on our experiences on this trip. We had lunch right after because the seminar was really long. Right after we ate lunch, we all tried to pack for tomorrow’s departure and applied for our E-Tickets. After everyone finished, we explored the city and bought souvenirs, drank coffee, and bought snacks at the supermarket. We came back to the hostel and changed to our formal clothes to get ready for our pizza party at a restaurant. While at the restaurant, we took our last pictures as a group, ate, and went home. Finally, we had our last nightly meeting where we passed our torch to our GGL, Kim!

All in all, we had a fun and educational experience. We thank John, Pame, Nikki, Kim, and the rest of the glimpsers for giving us the best memories we have ever made! Thank you, Global Glimpse!