Hello, there fellow Broncos, bronquettes, and others! This is the Brown Girls coming to you live from the final day of this adventure. Today we had quite a lovely time. We were truly able to reflect on this entire trip. Throughout this trip, we have encountered friendships, battles, laughs, stomach pains, brownies a la mode, and much more.

When we landed two weeks ago, the heat hit us like a pound of bricks. While we were distracted by this heat we also had to give up our phones to the “phone thieves”. Although all of these treacherous events surprised us, we truly wouldn’t have changed it for the world. During this trip we played with children who immigrated to the DR from Haiti, bought bracelets on the beach, gave everyone nicknames, spent three days working on an amazing neighborhood project, had fun times, and ate too much rice. We learned to value our chosen families and recognize how our little arms can impact an entire community. As today’s leaders of the day, we were able to reflect on how much our leadership skills have grown in these two short weeks.

To get to the good stuff, today started with an AMERICAN breakyyy. We had pancakes, eggs (plain just like John likes them), and mangoes. The breakfast was absolutely yummy. After we feasted, we did some reflection activities that brought some tears and laughs. As the day continued, we munched on some delightful beef with veggies, rice (of course), and potatoes au gratin (John thinks that’s how you spell it). Of course, after lunch, we HAD to have fun. So, we went out on the town one last time to truly take in all the beauty this city has to offer. Many bracelets, ice creams, snacks, mozzarella sticks, churros, and more bracelets were obtained. On this eventful day, we then reconnected with the GOAT El Gato (no he is neither a goat nor a cat in real life but he is the supreme mask maker of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) to receive our beautiful yet terrifying masks. To wrap the day up, we had pizza that would have been fabulous to those of non-Chicago descent but props to them for trying. The Sprite and Coca-Cola were fantastic. Unfortunately, we had to have our last nightly meeting (AWWWNNNN 🙁 ). But, to make you guys feel better we took it upon ourselves to do the meeting using British accents. John, of course, surprised us with his multitudes of accents. We wrapped up our lovely yet heartbreaking meeting with a great poem from our resident poet, Queen Sophia the First.

Through all the ups, downs, and Ice Spice songs, we can say that this opportunity given to us by those original “phone thieves”, has changed our lives for the better. We will cherish the two weeks we spent in Constanza and remain forever lit.

(P.S. John was on a mission to get his ginger ale during this blog. Also, little do you guys know, we wrote this using our British accents. Please re-read the blog now in your own British accent. We will know if you do not, and we will send the phone thieves after you.)

By your favorite Brown Girls, #weout