A day to remember, a day to reflect, a day to discover – the last day of the Global Glimpse trip continues to hold a profound meaning in the hearts of the students. For the entire trip, we have been urged to learn, to experience in person, and to engulf ourselves in not only the culture of Nicaragua, but also the difference in the place that diverges from our home. We have felt the hardship of people living “a dollar a day”, have been emotionally impacted by our visit to the “dump”, and have worked to together to improve the lives of the less fortunate on our CAP project; now on this final day, our memories and feelings  from all of our past experience have been engraved into our identity to help us grow as a person.

On the our final seminar led by our trip leaders, David and Shiloh, we were guided through a reflection of some of the most important moments of our trip. Starting off, we listed importance moments, how we grew as a leader, and how we grew as a person, and the most import people in our trip. Next, we meditated through memories of our entire trip.

Free time on this day only lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes. Compared to most days, it is very short but one of the most meaning of the bunch. There were people who spent their last day free to themselves buying ice-cream, others bought souvenirs, and a few other relaxing; most importantly, we were able to enjoy the last day however we wanted and spend time with friends from this trip.

Our last activity of the day ended with the final tutoring session. The first our was composed of an exam for everything that was taught to the students, and the second hour, a talent show.

While going home to America will be relief from the heat, humidity, and other difficulties we faced in Nicaragua, what we have learned in Nicaragua will carry on with us into a fresh start.




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