***REMINDER – We will be returning on TOMORROW NIGHT night on FLIGHT AA 275, eta 11:35pm. Please track the flight and plan to pick up your student ~30 min after arrival to allow for baggage. THANKS! – Amanda and Dani*

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Hello outside world,

Wow, it almost feels foreign to be on a laptop.  Everybody’s day began with 8 AM wakeup time (well except for me).  For breakfast, we once again had a variation of take a guess…gallo pinto (yum)!  Our first activity was a three hour seminar.  The seminar started with us tracing our journey since the start of our amazing Global Glimpse odyssey.  We all illustrated our journeys on our own maps which we should be bringing home with us. After sharing our maps, we did our final and anonymous Big Love on paper for each individual (we should be bringing these home as well).  The Big Love activity was the highlight of today.  Everyone learned that they are special in every way.  During open mic, everyone had the opportunity to voice what they wanted to say.   This activity had us not want to stray (from each other).  After our long but emotional seminar, we went to lunch at comedor Deja Vu where we had our last buffet style meal in Nicaragua.  Our free time after lunch was used to pack our suitcases and clean our rooms.  On behalf of room one, I can say that cleaning our room was not an easy task (it’s time consuming, too).  With the rest of our free time,  we went souvenir shopping and roamed the streets of Leon for the last time.  After our having our liberty for a few hours, we headed to dinner.  Dinner wasn’t traditional Nicaraguan dinner (it was a ham sandwich)!  Sad part of today was saying goodbye to our English tutoring students.  We celebrated the past two and a half weeks with a fiesta.  Our students received their certificates for completing the course.  We ended the night with our last nightly meeting.  Our last nightly meeting consisted of sharing our feelings and how much we will miss each other.  Ok, see you tomorrow, America (I’m coming home, mother)!