The time is finally here, after 18 days, Constanzas first delegation has finalized their stay in the Domincan Republic. Our mornings started with our last ever breakfast at Dilenia’s, followed by a very emotional seminar in which we created our first sense of closure. We displayed our five most memorable moments during our whole trip, gave a Big Love to every member in our delegation, and discussed what the Global Glimpse experience meant to every single one of us. We were all surprised to see that most of our memorable moments were all similar; they were either the exact same memories, or at least included moments where everyone was involved in. After we shared all of our sad moments, our ambassadors came and switched our moods right around. Our mini going away party started with eating chips and salsa while we chatted, followed by a rigorous dance party. Our ambassadors graciously showed us some new dance moves we will definitely take back to the states. After we all began tiring out from dancing so much, the ambassadors and all of us started to exchange our social media accounts, with hopes of staying in touch and continuing the amazing friendships we’ve made throughout our stay here. After many hugs and some tears, the time came to embark on our two hour bus ride, which was more like 3 1/2, to the capital.

Daniel here, and once we arrived at Santiago around 8:40pm, we were all starving. Those juicy  porkchops,protein packed rice and hefty eggplant casserole we had earlier for lunch, could not content the ravenous Glimpsers over the mountaintops and busy streets located between our destination. However, the bus ride was filled with final laughters and snores in the Dominican Republic, as we traced back the road we came from  2 weeks ago. Each house we passed , each landmark we sped through, and even each tree we came across, caused many to reminisce about the time we were first heading to Constanza. Memories began to spark once again, after we arrived at the same hotel we slept in when we first arrived. This would be our second time sleeping at this hotel, causing many to point out the rooms they were assigned 2 weeks ago as well as other various stories created the first day we met at this hotel. Despite this being our second time here,it was our first time eating pizza for dinner at this place. It was not an easy task however. Camilo, knowing that the bus drive took longer than it was expected, moving dinner from 7:30pm to almost 9pm, dived out of the 2mph bus, similar to a James Bond action packed movie,  to order the long desired Monchi’s pizza. At the end of the day, everyone ate an average of 3 slices of flat bread pizza,all, while chatting and joking in the intense sauna-like humidity Santiago is known for. The pizza brought smiles and,hopefully, prepared the Glimpsers for the 2:30am wake up call tomorrow. Goodnight, and see y’all in a few hours!


P.S. Elsa, Jessica le pide si le podria traer chocolate al airopuerto cuando la recoja! 🙂