Hola everyone! I’m Bono and I’m also your Lider del Dia to end off this amazing trip. The entire day was filled with both tears and laugher, as most of us don’t want to say goodbye but still continue to cherish each other’s company.

The day began at 7:30 ☀️, where everyone enjoyed a great breakfast filled with bread, bread, and more bread. Following the feast came the 3 hour seminar that everyone secretly dreaded, but turned out not so bad after all. The long meeting was to reflect on what the trip meant to each of us. All of us, including the GG leaders, made individual posters that summarized the trip and afterwards, we formed small groups and shared our thoughts. Some of the talks were happy and full of laughs, but the group I was in was full of tears. The words that were exchanged got very deep and emotional which brought many of us to tears, but these moments are what bring family closer. I felt that during this activity. Another activity we did was called Big Love, where each of us wrote our name on a piece of paper and passed it around in a circle for everyone to comment on. Everyone had 30 seconds to write an anonymous note about that specific person and many of us wished we had more time cause there was so much to write about each individual. But in the end, we all ended up with a paper filled with compliments that will surely brighten up our day, maybe even our year!

After what felt like a long time, it was time for lunch at Nativa. We had delicious quinoa mixed with a variety of meats and/or vegetables. The easiest way to describe it would be to imagine fried rice but with quinoa instead. The mysterious drink we had today was some kind of papaya juice mixture, which some of us liked and some of us disliked. Lunch went by super quick, and before we knew it, we were headed back to the hostel again.

We had some free time to prepare for our last English tutoring session, which made us all very sad to think about. We became super attached to our students and can’t imagine them having other teachers besides us. The classes went great as always, but the end of class was what hurt us the most. Saying our last goodbyes and giving our final hugs to all the bright and beautiful students was so hard. We took a lot of pictures with the students and their families, shared a lot of goodbye cards and farewells, but everything has to come to an end. We left sad on the outside, but in the inside, we all realized that the many hours we spent with these kids will forever stay in our hearts.

On the bus, we were all excited to finally get some grub. We ate at a restaurant called Opium, which served very American food. It reminded me how close we were to coming home because the food was so similar to our diet back in the States. After eating we were surprised with music and a nice dance floor. All of us vibed out danced our hearts out. Our program coordinator Jocelin showed us all up on the dance floor and even taught us how to salsa. In the midst of our partying, we were surprised with two huge cakes, which all of us cheered for, but none of us really had the stomach to down anymore food.😔Overall, we could all agree that the night ended on a high note!

The entire experience in Ecuador has truly made me a more globally conscious person and I can safely say the same for the rest of the glimpsers on this trip. Global Glimpse has given me the opportunity to exercise the different leadership skills that I’ve gained and practiced along this ride. The delegation as a whole grew together and experienced the extraordinary place that is Ecuador.

p.s. I’d like to thank my mom for letting me go on this trip. It was a struggle convincing you that it was safe, but I’m glad you finally agreed. I’m perfectly healthy. THANKS MOM!! ❤️

This is the final blog and we thank you all for following us on this journey. Please remember to pick us up tomorrow at the airport! We all miss you guys. 🙏

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