Hello!!! It’s Najaby here doing her daily blog, ya know what I mean?? Well today was filled with happiness, sadness, and everything else in between. We self reflected for a few hours as a group but all of us did individually afterwards ourselves. The past 14 days have been filled with meeting incredible speakers to interacting with the community members. We finally got to present our CAP work in an official manner, with the entire community there to see the final product. That presentation included a 3×3 basketball game, the “mayor” coming and just having fun with the locals! It was beautiful to see everyone unite together for the end result of our CAP! Our last English Tutoring was today.. WOW so many lasts today 🙁 The last class was filled with laughter, happiness and learningful for both the students and the teachers. I am for sure excited for the future delegations as well as our GG Ambassadors to continue the lessons and making sure these kids succeed with the english they will learn this summer. At last, we took an official picture in front of CONAMUCA and I kid you not, it took 30 minutes to perfect our angles and structure and everything else in between. I trust Camilo though that the picture came out perfect, it will be for our cover page (hopefully!!). Afterwards, our last meal with CONAMUCA and the GG Ambassadors was filled with happiness and laughter, forgetting for a tad moment that this was our last day. After dinner we went to have a little “meeting” aka a surprise party for Ben!! It included a surprise video with all of the locals and us giving small messages to Ben, it was awesome. We then connected with the GG Ambassadors for one last time afterwards and it was odd to think that it was our last time seeing each other together until god knows when. It was easy to say that everyone had fun together and it was memorable in a few different ways. These past two weeks were possibly the best two weeks of my life. I have never felt so connected with all of my new friends (I was the only student from my school on this trip!), the locals (such like my students and LLAL family), CONAMUCA community and everyone else in between. I know for sure that my mindset has grown completely during this trip and I am so grateful to be a part of this trip. This trip has filled up around 85 pages in my journal and I am egg-static to let my buddies and family read it! I have so much to write but such little time because its 10 PM here but I have to wake up in like 4 hours gah!!! Overall, it was easy to say one of the best trips ever for most of the students on this trip and everyone took away something in some form or another from this trip. I cannot wait to start applying to become a GG Ambassador for the next upcoming year and I also cannot wait to see what the journey awaits for me after this trip. I will try to continue the GG Leader of the Day image and find ways in my own community to spread awareness of some of the issues I witnessed on this trip. To my current delegation, I love you guys so much please don’t ever forget that. Our crazy late night chats to spreading the truth during dinner will for sure not be forgotten. To my GG PCs, thank you so much for involving us and making sure we had fun, understanding and seeing a new point of view in the community we are at.To my GG Leaders, thank you for being involved with us during all of the days and helping us grasp the idea of what we should try to see with a new perspective. To all of my English Tutoring students, I know you guys will one day make it far in life and I know you will be able to speak English with me when you come to visit. To the GG Ambassadors, you guys are already succeeding in life so continuing doing so and to my idol, I’ll always be your number one fan, don’t forget the little promises we made with Giants games or Spain hang outs LOL. So much to say but such little time. Overall, I am thankful and blessed to be a part of Flora’s first delegation and blessed to be part of the Dios Dira / CONAMUCA community. I love you all so much, no one will be forgotten and so much was taken away from this trip. Mom, ya mero llego a la casa okay! No te preocupas, yo te voy decir todo cuando estamos en el carro cuando estas manejando al pan dulce tienda. It’s Najaby here signing out, see ya soon CONAMUCA/DIOS DIRA/SAN CRISTOBAL/DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Incredible journey. Bittersweet. Pure love and happiness.