Today was our final reflection day and it was sad but we were all really happy to share our thoughts and bond with each other. We started the day by waking up at 7:30 am and have breakfast at 8:00 am. For breakfast today, we had scrambled eggs with bread, gallo pinto and passion fruit drinks. It was pretty delicious ! Afterwards, we had a Zumba battle for our energizer which was lead by Noelia and that was really fun. Around 9:20 am we started our seminar where we reflected as a group on our trip by answering series of questions and activities. Our first activity was to create our individual Global Glimpse journey map where we answer what our 5 most significant moments, what we learned about ourselves, what we learned about leadership and who was one person that inspired us. After 30 minutes of creating our maps, we got into groups and discussed our thoughts and answers. Afterwards, we did an activity where we wrote on three posters what we would like to stop doing, what we would like to start and what we will continue doing. Our last activity for the seminar was to give everyone anonymous big LOVES. How it works is that everyone has a piece of paper with their name and they switch it with other people every 30 seconds. It was a great activity to bond because every comment was positive and full of warmth.

After the seminar came lunch provided by our favorite chef Don Carlos. We had Nacatamles which is a traditional Nicaraguan dish that is like a tamale. With the Nacatamles we has bread (el pan) and pineapple juice. After lunch, we wrote our final drafts of the appreciation letters. Because today was our last full day in Nicaragua, we had free time at 2:00 pm. Many students decided to leave (in groups of 4 or more) to do some last minute shopping or just to hang out with their tutoring students, while other stayed behind to relax and nap. Around 5:00 pm we headed to Pan de Vida for our last dinner in Granada as a group with our Program Coordinators Athalia and Noelia. Our dinner consisted of thin crusted pizza (pepperoni, veggie, cheese and special made ones for our fellow vegan student :). We hanged our at Pan de Vida until 6:30 where we headed back to our hostel Casa Roja.

We had our usual nightly meeting where we share our big loves, roses and thorns, plus and wishes and question of the day. We also passed the torch to our new LDD Kevin for the next day. Nightly meeting ended early so fellow Glimpsers are taking their time to spend each moment with each other and bond as much as possible before departure day. Our day today was very humble and wonderful and we can’t wait to see home tomorrow!

Zumba battle!