Hello family and friends!

As you know, today is our last day in the DR. We spent a lot of time saying goodbye, and reviewing what we learned from our trip. After breakfast, we had a three hour seminar to reflect on our trip and to show big love to everyone we also played a game where we made a circle and we acknowledged everyone’s attributes by tapping them on the shoulder when a positive statement was made. We also created maps where we illustrated the journey and personal growth we experienced the entire trip.

Then we had lunch with a bomb chicken salad, rice, and chicken. From 2 o’clock to 7 o’clock, we were given free time to travel the city of San Juan and buy last minute souvenirs. A few of us went to the dulceria to get Passion Fruit Raspados, Churros, Coffee, and Tres Leches Cake. Many others went to get ice cream and went to the top of the Cathedral to view the city from atop.

Shortly after, we enjoyed dinner with our in-country ambassadors, who also accompanied us for free time and English tutoring classes. It was a very bittersweet moment, because we will miss eachother was great to eat together for the last time. We wrapped up the night by having our daily nightly meeting, appreciating each other and expressing our well wishes. Tomorrow we will finally see you guys, and get our phones back.

So excited to come home and sad to leave, Good Night!