Today I thought that I was going to be an anchor for all those crying girls, but in reality they were my anchor. We woke up around 7AM, but not me hahaha :(. The night before, all of us planned a surprise party for Maria. Basically it went like this; I woke up quietly, then I woke up everyone but Maria, then her room mates opened the door and we all started singing Happy Birthday!!! It was a great way to start off an amazing day.

Breakfast today was an enormous enchilada pancake with cheesy cinnamon on the inside. And a banana to be healthy ;). As usual we said thank you and headed back to the hostel where we had our final reflection seminar.

The final reflection seminar lasted 2 hours, but wait before you ask, it was not us just sitting and listening to our Great GGL’s preach ;). They had us do many activities such as; A journey map, things we would continue, start, and stop, and just us remembering how awkward we all were. It was truly a reflective moment. A journey map is about five significant moments, a lesson about yourself, a lesson about leadership, and someone who inspired you. My map was about cloud and stick figures of times we were living like a local, doing CAP, fun day, and roasting Raquel (because she’s a bro).

Next we talked about things we would start, stop, and continue when we got home. For continue, I would keep on a positive vibe and just be an awesome dude. For start, I will be more involved with the community back home and join more activities that help ties bond with the people in my neighborhood. For stop, I will stop to procrastinating.

Then, we had lunch at Pan de vida for some good pizzas. After lunch we got a few hours of free time to cruised around the city for one last time in search for food and last minutes souvenir. Then from 4PM to 5PM, we have one to complete our letter of appreciation to donors and sponsor programs for sending us on this amazing journey. From 5PM, we went to dinner. We ate only for 25 minutes because we were on a tight schedule. Our group hustled to ET place for our last time at ABC school and presented certificates to our students. There were tears and joy during the last minutes class, because of the positive vibes, kindness, and humor of our students have cherished with us over the past week.

After ET, we went to Don Carlos La Favorita for Maria’s birthday party. During dinner time, we ate a gigantic burger and large fries. So by the time party come, we were full on energy to dance for hours. While we were having fun, one of our GG leader, Matt , tip the scale of a chair. As the chair broke, the base dropped and we laughed so loud that we woke the neighbor next door to turn up with us.

We got back to Emily’s Hostel around 9:30PM which is the first time we ever got back so late. I started the nightly meeting and it was on a bike moving till 10:45PM and now it’s 11:56PM. Our meeting just was an emotional time for all of us to open up and gave out big love to everyone as the GGLs plus the Program Coordinator.

After the last nightly meeting, everyone got their phone back to call home and charged up, however there were a few people stay up to finish this blog. This is Khang signing off.