The program seminar was an emotional meeting for everybody because we had to draw or write our most memorable events that had happened on this trip. We also gave our big love or our last big love to the whole group that we’re not just a big group of strangers, we are a group who believes teamwork makes the dreamwork which is our phrase because we believe that anyone can be successful.


After everybody drew their memorable pictures we shared in our small groups what was our most memorable event on this trip.


The amazing and wonderful people with caring hearts that accepted everybody for who they are has really made the trip.


 Becoming a leader on final reflection day was going to be very hard at first because I thought it was going to be very emotional but I wanted to put a smile on everybody’s face to realize that the reason we all came on this trip is to help others who are struggling, who think they have no hope in life.



Becoming Global Glimpse leader can really change you or can make you a better person than you already are and also it can give you some advice of what you should do better in your own community.  We are all leaving with the commitment to never take what we have for granted.


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