Today, we started with an early wake-up call at 7:30 am and ate breakfast. Then, we conducted a 3-hour program seminar to conclude the trip. The seminar was filled with meaningful activities and an overall reflection that was heartwarming and had all of us wishing we could stay with each other longer. We then had our last lunch together. We faced a rain storm that postponed our time exploring. So, instead, we took the time to pack for our departure. While some students went out to secure their last ice cream in the DR (Dominican Republic), others went and picked out gifts for family back home. We came back home before the second part of the rainstorm hit and finished packing and showering. We finished making bracelets and had our last bonding moments as a group. Dinner came and we walked to a pizza place where we had a large amount of pizza. We are back home now enjoying each others company and closing down our trip. Can’t wait to see our families soon!

The Best LDDs (Lideres del Dia/Leaders of the Day)– Dulce Yauger & Brian Velasco

Plantains NAWRRRRRR:)) Best wishes guys