Hello family and friends! Today is the final day of our trip to Riobamba! This morning we woke up at 8am and headed to breakfast! Our friend Nelson from Roma Santa made a beautiful montage of our highlights from the last 13 days including our dance battles and sing alongs! After an amazing breakfast prepared by mama Isabel we headed back to hotel tren dorado for our final seminar as a group. We started with donut respond, which is basically heads up, 7 up but the questions were all positive things that we thought someone showed during our trip! It was a lot of fun and it was anonymous so no one felt embarrassed to show how they truly felt. We also played stop, start, and continue where we wrote down things that we wanted to start doing to better our community, stop doing that would help us to better ourselves, and continue to do to stay the amazing people that we are. And our final activity was lead by yours truly, it was a huge big love for all of us glimpsers and our fantastic PCs and GGLs; Paúl, Leydi, Steph, and Ingrid, we all wrote our names on separate papers and passed them around the circle to receive anonymous, positive feedback from our group members. Speaking on behalf of my fellow glimpsers, it was a heartwarming feeling when I got my paper back and saw all the sweet comments written on it. We ended our seminar with a group big love and made our way back to Roma Santa for our final meal provided by mama Isabel. We had papas fritas (french fries), pork ribs, yellow rice, salad, blackberry juice and vanilla/coconut popcicle, none of us could agree on the flavor. We said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel to do a final sweep of our rooms and board the bus for the 5 hour bus ride to Quito Airport, which is where we are now eating dinner and waiting to check in for our flight that takes off at 12:40am for Huston Texas.
~ We will be landing in Boston at 12:52pm
~ And our friends Bryan and Briana will be landing at 11:55am