Today is our final day here in Riobamba. There wasn’t some super extravagant event planned, no surprise parties, it was just enjoying our last day together. We ate our last breakfast here at La Primavera, then we had our last reflection seminar. We’ve done so much during this trip, met so many different people, saw so many different things, and tried a lot of different foods. Everything here that we’ve done was some type of adventure, whether it was hiking up the side of a mountain or trying to figure out what new ice cream flavor to try. There were so many adventures and so many personalities squeezed into these past 18 days that it’s hard to believe that it’s already over. The seminar that we had today gave us time to really debrief about all of our experiences here. There were 18 students on this trip, but we all experienced it in different ways and being able sit and talk about was definitely the highlight of the day. It also gave us a chance to acknowledge all of the friendships that we have formed on this trip. Two and a half weeks may not seem like enough time to get as close as our group has, but it was definitely possible. Everyone here has become so open and close with one another and I don’t think any of us will be able to do that with another group again. And, while I know we all miss our parents and our home, I also know that we are going to miss the friends we have made, the sights that we’ve seen, and the experiences that we’ve had. Nowhere in Chicago can you look down the street and see fruit stands and mountains and schools all in one view. And, that is what I’m going to miss about being here. But no matter how great this city is, all great things must come to an end. And no matter how cheesy that sounds, it is true. And, even though this trip is coming to an end, the relationships and memories that we’ve created will last forever.