Today we woke up at 7, we had omelets with white bread, a choice of pineapple or banana, and cantaloupe juice. Next we had an energizer called Ninja at 9 where we have to make a ninja pose and try to “hit” another person’s hand by only making one move. Then we had our final reflection seminar. We started with a symbolic map of our 5 most memorable moments, one thing we learned about ourselves, one thing we learned about leadership, and a person who inspired us. Once we finished we got into small groups and shared our maps with each other. Then we got all together and shared a part of someone else’s map. After the maps, we did a thing called “Stop, Start, Continue” – we had one poster for each section and were all given 3 post-its and wrote one thing we promised to start, one thing we promised to stop and one thing to continue. Aftter putting them on the posters, we read everyone else’s post-its and chose one thing from each category to commit to taking home. After that, we all got our own “Big Love” papers and passed them around a circle so each person could have 45 seconds to write a big love on each glimpser’s paper. Then we had a conversation about what was next for us as Global Glimpse alumni.


Lunch was next at noon, at the hostel. We had rice with veggies, fried chicken, salad, mashed or roasted potatoes and lemon tea. Then everyone had to complete their evaluations and appreciation letters. After that we had free time until 4:30. We all met back at the hostel and together we left to go watch a shadow puppet show from 5 – 6 pm. After the show we went to the park to hang out for a while, then at 6:20, we started to walk to La Favorita. We had gallopinto with cheese and/or crema, pico de gallo, plantain chips or sweet plantains and cacao juice.


On our way back to the hostel we stopped to watch performers with fire some left back to the hostel while some stayed. After watching the performers we had ice cream and hung out at the ice cream shop until every one finished. We had our final nightly meeting around 9 it was a very emotional meeting. There was a mix of laughter, tears, and happiness. We ended our meeting around 10 and had free time until 11:15 many just enjoyed there last night together, while some started packing to enjoy there last day tomorrow. Overall this day was very emotional, joyful, and full of appreciation.