Hola Global Glimpse families!! Today we have Sophia & Yadira writing to you as today’s leaders of the day.

As usual, we started the day off with a wake-up call at 7:30 am, though some of us woke up three hours earlier to watch the sunrise as one of our last bonding activities. Since today was our last full day here in Costa Rica, we spent most of the day reflecting on our experiences during our trip, packing our bags for tomorrow morning, and spending every last minute together. The final reflection activities made us think back to our first impressions of each other and how we grew within these two weeks. We were also able to give each other personal “Big Love” statements to show our appreciation and gratitude to everyone in the group.

Today’s experience as leaders taught us how important it is to speak up and push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Something that surprised us today was how quickly everyone was during packing and getting their stuff ready for tomorrow’s flights. It was amazing to see that during the reflection part of today, everyone was engaged and answering from the heart in order to leave a strong lasting meaningful impression.

Although today was not as “exciting” as the other days, being leaders was an eye-opening experience because we used our voices to take charge of everyone, which was definitely out of the ordinary, considering that we both normally choose to keep quiet around larger groups.

So for the very last time, we want to give Big Love to: Chloe, Avery, Kaavya, Roman, Hector, Derek, Landon, Noah, Ketzally, Daisy, Radhika, KK, Izabella, Malia, Alex, Zara, Sofia, Kait, Emily, Memo, Luz, Bridgett, and Kim!

Signing off, we now pass the torch to Derek, as our final Leader of the Day. Wish him the best of luck! 🙂