So, this has to be brief because we have to pack for our return flight tomorrow! We have a 6:30 AM wake-up call and must be on the road by 7:30 AM. I cannot believe that this day is here. For those back home, we will be landing in San Francisco International Airport at 9:25 PM via Delta. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

We started off the day by having a final sit-down breakfast at our favorite Dominican restaurant–Onaney Gourmet. After breakfast, we headed back to the hostel for our Final Reflection Seminar. There were tears and even a couple of high fives. We all spoke out on what we plan to STOP START & CONTINUE when we return home. Some examples were to Stop taking education for granted, Start getting more active in the community and to continue being a global citizen.

Afterwards, we had some free time to finish up our appreciation letters and to get some last-minute souvenir shopping in.

We all headed to our last english tutoring session. It was a bitter-sweet moment for everyone. We all felt super loved by our classes. People brought snacks and we all took plenty of photos and exchanged emails so we can keep in touch.

We made our way to our last meal at The Onaney Gourmet. It was a party atmosphere , music blasting, ice cream being served and the dance floor was pretty full. We had an opportunity to speak up and give Big Loves to our GG Coordinators , ambassadors and to Sheila. I think the people I will miss most though are my two GG leaders : Erik and Van Anh !