Hello my name is Ronald Brown and I was the GG leader of the day. Today my group and I took up a challenge of living on $1 a day. We experienced living in poverty with families in Los Francos, one of the most impoverished communities in San Cristobal. Here we helped families with their daily routine, which was getting water from the nearest well or water source. For some people the well was more than a 10 minute walk from their homes. I was also able to assist the family with their laundry. After the day’s activities we had a lunch with the members of the community at Corina’s casa.

Looking back at my actions as leader of the day I believe I was enthusiastic, detail oriented, and nervous. What I learned about my group was that they were great listeners when I was giving out directions, which made my leading experience better. The challenging part of my day was being relaxed when I was talking to the group. My group noticed that I can be repetitive at times so they told me to calm down and think a little more when giving instructions. What I hope to fulfill the next time I’m a GG leader or a leader of any organization, is that I can organize and plan accordingly before so I can be more effective.

My biggest inspiration on this trip so far was Kerrlene, who is one of my outstanding GG leaders. The reason she’s my biggest inspiration is because every day she strives for me to stay in the front of the group in every activity, she also pushes me to ask questions during every seminar. The person I would like to shout out is my mother, my first lady, my two parents in one, my everything. She’s the only reason why I’m here and I won’t make her regret sending me. If you’re reading this and I know you will, thank you for sticking with me throughout every decision I’ve made in my life. Also for showing me there’s more to life than the block. …… LOVE & MISS YOU

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