Toady was the last day of working on our CAP project. We woke up early and finished our project. We went to Los Pipitos at 6am and did the backdrop painting. We finished most part of the paint and went to breakfast after. Today is the last day of CAP project so we have to try to finish all of them. Osman, a student from Los Pipitos helped us a lot toady— without him, we wouldn’t have been able to do it that fast. He helped us by painting one side of the warehouse, and he drew on one side. He was helping us and he was supposed come at 10am, but he came at 6:30 at the morning and he did the most work. We went back and continue on our project after breakfast. We finished all the painting and we started drawing. We drew the outline of the human body and we also get some outline of the pictures.

We had a great lunch today, we got fried chicken, mashed potatoes and the delicious ice tea that everyone wanted to get seconds. It was kind of an award of our hard work today. The lunch gave us energy to continue the work for the day. Something that was unexpected was that many people got sick and not all of the people were able to participate. We finished painting all of the little humans at 3:45 and we were done for our CAP project. We took pictures and enjoyed our painting. Painting was fun but the showering was terrible because it takes forever to take the paint off.

After dinner, we have or last time of English touring. Every student appreciated the course which makes everyone feel great. We had a small party with the students and gave appreciation to each other. We took pictures with our student while we were giving them their certificates. We finished our day  full of thanks and appreciation. Tomorrow is free day and since there’s not so many days left, lets appreciate every moment that’s we have left. Have fun and enjoy.