Project 1/3 - the Caonabo Mural

Project 1/3 – the Caonabo Mural

GG Delegation + Ambassadors - our new Dominican Family!

GG Delegation + Ambassadors – our new Dominican Family!

Group in Maguana al Medio for CAP

Group in Maguana al Medio for CAP









Hey everyone! It’s Marisa from Summit Rainier in San Jose and Jarely from Tomales High School in Tomales and we got to be Lideres del Dia for the second CAP Project Day. Today was dedicated to finishing up all the unfinished projects that we had planned for Maguana Al Medio, which included completing the murals, trash cans, and volleyball and basketball nets.


We started of the day with breakfast at Sheila’s, then headed on the bus to Maguana Al Medio. Once we arrived, we split off into our groups, and began working on our assigned tasks. The trash can group was able to complete their project, by delivering the colorful trash cans and placing them throughout the community. Although the basketball hoop crew faced many setbacks, they were finally able to complete their project. The mural crew was able to finish touching up the flowers and butterflies that were painted alongside the walls of the school, which really gave the school a cheerful vibe. The last major project that was left to finish today, was the main mural of Caunabo. Thanks to all the help that was pitched in from the other crews, we were able to complete the mural on time. It was not easy! We were worried at first that we were not going to be able to finish it on time, and then with our luck, it started to sprinkle. We were worried that the freshly painted mural was going to wash off, with all of our hard work gone. We also ran out of some paint, so we had to improvise, which was very stressful. However in the end, it was all worth it, when we were sharing Big Love with Solana and her community, who thanked us for all the hard work we had put in.


Later, we had a farewell party at Sheila’s, where we invited some ambassadors to share our last dinner with each other. We were all blessed with some amazing tacos, we got to dance around to some bachata, and we got to hear and share thank yous and last goodbyes. Although it was emotional, it was definetly a night that we will all remember.



As La Lider Dia it was a very stressful and exciting because it was finally my turn to lead and it couldn’t of been on a better day than on a day when we were helping such a wonderful community. Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and dedication to finish our group project for such great people was a wonderful thing to be a part of. I am proud of everyone because they all put so much work in for the community of Maguana Al Medio. I learned to be more assertive and to not be afraid to speak up and lead a large group. I would like to send love to my family and friends back home and can’t wait to see you guys in a few days!



Being Lider del Dia today was an eventful day for me today. It was great to finally see everybody come together and work as a team to complete the project on time. It was such a great feeling to see the thankful reactions of the community once we were done. I am very proud of our group because we were able to pull through to leave a great legacy in Maguana Al Medio. I was really nervous coming into this day because I was afraid that I was not going to a good leader, but I surprised myself by taking charge and being assertive when I needed to. I want to send love to all my friends and family, love you guys and can’t wait to see you!! (Btw @ my dad, I’m staying brown!!!)

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