IMG_3732 IMG_3812 IMG_3820 IMG_3867Happy 4th of July! Spending our first full day in Nicaragua, what a way to celebrate!

We woke up in Managua, very tired from a late night but energized at the prospect of adventure. After our first ‘gallo pinto’ breakfast (con hot sauce) we spent the morning looking at the beautiful countryside along the Pan-American highway, and seeing a drive by cross section of centroamericano life.

And napping. As I said, we were tired.

After getting to our amazing hostel, meeting the staff (who are already helping us learn Spanish!), we learned about Nicaraguan history. We thought critically about the timeline of military rule, international players, and how it has helped shape Nicaragua today. Then, with our brains warmed up, we went out to experience Estelí firsthand! Henrietta and Beverly took us on a city tour, pointing out landmarks of culture. Estelí is the “City of Murals”, and we saw so many, we will post pictures of some later.

We ended our day celebrating our common American culture by eating French fries (hah) and watching a surprise fireworks show! It felt so nice to have a bit of home to ease in our stay here, but we are all ready to dig in and immerse ourselves in this experience.

The day ended with our leader Erin singing the “Star Spangled Banner”, earning her sombrero for tomorrow.

Buenos noches!