This tree is older than the city itself!

Hey All! Today we did a lot. We started our day with a two hour trip from Santiago to Jarabacoa. After a wonderful homemade vegetarian lunch we took a city tour where we posed next to the oldest tree in the city. Fun fact, this tree was here even before the city!

Our walking tour had lots of sights, and a few of the most notable are the tour of the fire department established in 1948, and the handmade ice cream parlor that features tamarindo, fruit punch, and passion fruit flavored ice cream. While we made sure to eat all the ice cream before the photo, we did manage to take a photo of the umbrellas that decorated the street outside the parlor.

It’s been a long but enjoyable day. We’re going to log off to get some rest and rejuvenation! Do know that we look forward to tomorrow when we update you on all the exciting new things we’re going to experience. Sending lots of ❤️ from Jarabacoa!!!