Hey families,

We successfully completed our first day in Riobamba with Global Glimpse!!! The students had an amazing time and still are up bonding and playing games with new friends. We started the day with breakfast from our hotel in Quito before we endured our 4-hour drive to Riobamba with our fabulous bus driver. We checked in at our hotel around 2:00 pm at Tren Dorado before we had lunch at the restaurant that we will be at mostly every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our server at the restaurant was named Isabel, who the students will get to know well and speak great things about throughout our trip. After lunch, we took a dance class to learn traditional dances such as, The San Juanito- the national dance of Ecuador.  Important characters of the dances to know are Sacha Runa, Diablo sonajero, Perros,  and Curiquingue. All of the students engaged in dancing, even us Global Glimpse Leaders (GGLs) and Program Coordinators (PCs) danced with them in the lessons. More notable things we did was eat again, (your babies will be FED haha) They also picked the days for the leader of the day and they were very eager to engage in that, which is a big part of this program, LEADERSHIP.

Overall today was a great first day and we have seen bonds form and the students are acting as genuine travelers and not just tourists.

Here you will find some photos and videos from the day.