Hi everyone!

I am Shivani and I was today’s leader of the day 🙂 Today was our group’s first free day. On free days, we barely have a set schedule since we get to go in groups and explore the beautiful city of Matagalpa. We went in two groups today: half of the kids were with Matthew and half of the kids were with Noel. All of us had an amazing time bonding with one another and getting to know the city a little bit better. Noel’s group had started the day off by going to the famous church in Nicaragua which is about a ten minute walk from our hostel while Matt’s group started the day off by going to try to buy a basketball and find a court to play on. Even though Matt’s group could not find a store selling basketballs due to lots of stores being closed on Sunday’s, they still found other things to do as a group and enjoyed their day. Both groups also had the chance to contact some of their family and catch them up on everything that is going on at home. I learned a lot about being a leader today and it was a great experience for me to try to lead the group to the best of my abilities. I am really grateful to have had this experience and I also get to be leader of the day again so I can correct my mistakes and become an even better leader like all of my fellow glimpsers. As we are nearing toward our half-way point of the trip, we all hope time slows down as we are having a blast together in this eye-opening country.