Hi GG Family! I’m Dámarit Pérez, one of the Program Coordinator in San Juan de la Maguana and today I was the Leader of the Day for History Day!

Today was a really busy first full day because we started the day with the Welcome/Accommodation Orientation Seminar as last night we arrived so late to San Juan. Then we had the Culture and Safety Orientation Day, so we share some tips for being a safe traveller!

After lunch we did the English Tutoring Seminar for the glimpsers to prepare the English classes that they are going to start tomorrow. All the students are very excited waiting for them to continue learning English!

And after that we did our City Tour so the glimpsers had the opportunity to know our amazing city of San Juan and learn about the history of the Taínos, the indigenous population of the DR, and also about all the cultural backgrounds and different political regimes that have influenced in the history of Dominican Republic and San Juan. We had the chance to see all the diversity that Dominican population has and the amazing monuments that are symbols of the city. We finished with a delicious ice-cream before to come back to the accommodation to do our CAP 1 Seminar where the glimpsers start to get familiar with the project that we are going to do with an amazing women’s association in the community of Suarez, so we talked about the discovery phase that is one of the most important part so they are going to have the opportunity to discover the project that we are going to do next week!

After dinner we had the first self-reflection about their expectations and first impressions  that they had about the country and the experience. It was a way to know each other better. And to finish our amazing day, we had our Lider of  the Day seminar so everyone are going to have the chance to develop their leadership through the experience of being Líder del Día and be a role model for the rest of the group.

Tomorrow is Culture and Fun Day so expected to have some amazing news tomorrow!

Good night from San Juan de La Maguana!

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