Hi everyone out there! My name is Noelia and I was modeling the Lider del Dia role for today.

Yesterday night after a late arriving of the group, we stayed the night in Managua and traveled to Granada this morning.

Today we had orientation seminars about the accommodation and culture and safety with some savvy travel tips and after that we had an awesome city tour in traditional carriages around the city where we learned a lot about the city that will be hosting us these next couple of weeks.

In front of Iglesia y Convento San Francisco

At the Malecon – the walkway next to Lake Nicaragua

After the awesome carriages rides we listen to Don Fernando, who is a pretty important member of civic society and who loves to preserve and share his knowledge about Nicaragua and Granada’s history.

We end the day with a self-reflection where everyone shared and discussed a little bit about first impressions. Tomorrow we will be visiting a few different cities to learn about culture and our first student leaders of the day will be posting their blog tomorrow night!

Best regards,

María Noelia, Program Coordinator