Hello family and friends my name is Bryanna and I am a fellow Glimpser that had the pleasure to be the leader of the day today!

Today we had a free day and we split into two individual groups and roomed around the beautiful city of Esteli.

It was a very relaxing day and we visited a local coffee shop, souvenirs stores, internet cafe and we got to call our parents and use the Internet for a while. Some of us got a little emotional hearing our loved ones voices and some of us sadly only got to here the voicemail machine. But anyways we all stayed strong and kept a big smile on our faces and enjoyed the rest of our day.

Later through out the day we got to talk about our community action project which later turned into a very hectic discussion but we all chipped in our creative ideas!

My favorite part of the day was when we all got together and shared our wonderful ideas during our seminar about the community action project and we are all very excited about this specific project!

E1C over and out!


Glimpsers calling home!

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